What Makes the Puradyn Filter so Efficient?


How does the Puradyn Filter Work?

  • Firstly a cotton element is used which by nature does not lend itself to fluid channelling. This is the term used when a liquid or a gas finds a route through an object. Like water in pipes or electricity the route of least resistance is favoured. This route also means that very little filtration occurs. In our industry it can happen with geometrically manufactured filter material, similar to those filters that look like balls of string. However the random nature of natural cotton prevents this channelling and consequently filtration is more efficient.
  • The cotton element is chemically treated and attracts the acidic content out of your oil. This acidic debris is contained inside the filter element.
  • Each filter element has a built in additive package which serve to increase alkalinity (or combat acid build up), an antioxidant & flushing agent. The combination of which help to maintain viscosities and slow down oil degradation.
  • Oil exiting the filter is clean to less than 1 micron.

The Benefits of the Puradyn Filter

  • The most destructive debris in engine oil is between 5μm and 10μm in size.
  • Typically standard engine oil filters only remove debris of 30μm and above.
  • The Puradyn filter is removing ALL the destructive compounds from your engine.
  • Your engine oil lasts longer because it is kept free of contamination.
  • With engine oil that is clean the weight of the oil has not increased and therefore during the time between services no engine power is lost through the oil pump.