Puradyn Filter Identification Guide

The Puradyn Filter has improved and evolved over the years and although the appearance is familiar the technology inside is not. To help you figure out what model you have we’ve put together this Puradyn Filter Identification Guide. Let’s look at the models starting from the latest design.

Puradyn MTS Filter, Puradyn Filter Identification Guide

Puradyn MTS Filters 2015 – Current

MTS = Millennium Technology System was released in 2015 and offers the even better filtration than the previous PFT or TF range. The fundamental difference relates to the venting of engine gas emissions to atmosphere. This is an area of modern engine design that is fast being regulated and now the Puradyn MTS filter complies with this. The heating chamber you see on the PFT & TF models has been removed. In replacement of the heater the new Polydry filter elements use “Polymer Technology” to remove the various forms of water contamination. For Puradyn users and fans you will still recognise the shape and look that you are used to.

See the Puradyn MTS Brochure

Puradyn-PFT, Puradyn Filter Identification GuidePuradyn PFT Filters 2004-2015

PFT = Puradyn Filter Technology was released in 2004 replacing the long running but capable TF range. Unlike the TF filter the oil drain is now on the base of the housing resulting in a much more simple installation. The re-designed, more efficient heating chamber also now resides on the base. The unit is made of aluminium.

See the PFT Brochure


Puradyn-TF, Puradyn Filter Identification GuidePuradyn TF Filter 1989-2004

TF = ? was nearly the original design but we are sure there was one before that used a Spin-On style filter. The distinctive original Puradyn TF Filter with it’s site glass indicating return oil flow. Long since replaced but many thousands still working out there in the market. The heating chamber and outlet are both on the upper part of the filter in this design. It’s an old product and so beware of copies in the market that do not offer the high level of filtration as a genuine Puradyn TF product.

See the PFT Brochure