Puradyn Filter Technologies

In UK the Puradyn Filter is mostly used on diesel engines to extend the engine oil service interval, specifically on generators. In other countries such as USA there is a wealth of experience on trucks and in Scandinavia on hydraulic systems.

On engine applications

The Puradyn filter can achieve an engine oil life increase of four times the oem standard service interval. In fact the product is so good we have real life engine data which demonstrates significantly better results, the best of which has been over 8000 hours on the same oil.

On hydraulic applications

Hydraulic systems suffer on a few main problems which are debris from wear metals or foreign bodies entering the main tank and water. It is therefore a fairly straight forward job for a Puradyn Filter to keep hydraulic oil clean for a very long time. In every hydraulic installation that we have been involved with the system works so well that only top up oil is required after the installation. Yes, that is to say that full system oil changes become a thing of the past.