Testimonials from Puradyn Customers in USA

“All of our rigs have incorporated the puraDYN System and because of it, we have been able to safely extend our oil drain intervals. Our new maintenance practices, with the help of the puraDYN Systems, allow extension of oil drain intervals to 5,000 hours from our previous practice of 1,000 hours. This reduces oil drains to virtually once per year, saving operating costs, and reducing the amount of waste oil generation. With the new Scan Vision Rig, as with all our rigs, we are focused on constantly improving our operating efficiency including improvements to maintenance, which this product assists.

“It’s a win-win for our customers, the environment, and Scandrill.”
— Paul Mosvold, President & Chief Operating Officer
Scandrill, Inc.
Houston, TX

“We focus on providing outstanding service and value-added products to our customers.  One of the ways we do this is by providing our customers with a technology that allows their equipment to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.  There is a reason we use Puradyn – it offers the best solution for keeping engines clean, safely extending oil drain intervals and reducing overall life-cycle costs, protecting substantial investments in the commercial marine and industrial industries.  With over 25 years of experience in bypass filtration, Puradyn was the natural choice to offer our customers.

“The return on investment for the system is the cost of one to two oil changes.”
— Harry Lartigue, Jr., Power Generation, Marine and Industrial Sales Manager
MnI Diesel, Inc.
Corpus Christi, Texas

“We had the M/V Sunrise built in 2002 with the puraDYN filtration system included.  It enables us to extend the oil drain intervals from our old standard of 250 hours to 3,000 hours.  This equates to a savings of 354 gallons of oil or $3,210 per year.  Another boat in our fleet, the M/V Southern Cross, has been able to exceed 65,000 hours prior to overhaul with the puraDYN filtration system installed. It’s nice to run across a product that actually does what it’s supposed to.

Keep up the good work!”
Captain Bill Clark
South Ferry Island
Shelter Island, NY

“Considering that our fleet would normally require 30,000-mile oil drains, we calculate that by using the puraDYN System and running on the same oil over 100 million miles, we’ve saved over 60,000 gallons of oil. The engines remain clean, perform at peak level. . . and the overall maintenance costs have been drastically reduced.”

“We’ve also performed extensive fuel consumption measurements and consistently achieve a 2% – 3% savings in fuel.”
— Ross Hare
Hare Express, Inc.
Troy, Michigan